Ouch ! My shoulders !

I’d like to welcome you to the first post on my blog page.  I will try and entertain and educate you with some current and interesting information.
This week I’d like to look at a common condition that many of you may suffer from which is a tight neck and shoulders.  This may be caused by sitting behind a desk, spending a long time behind the wheel of a car, sleeping with pillows which are the wrong weight or size,  footwear without decent balanced support (especially heels in women), carrying a lap-top bag with a shoulder strap……there are countless other reasons for tight neck and shoulders as well.  unbalanced sitting positions like playing a musical instrument for one can all contribute to this condition – and so can long distnace cycling…. I can vouch for this.
So we all know what it feels like to have restricted movements in our necks, craning to turn around and feeling like the pain and uncomfort JUST WONT GO AWAY!
Well, whats the best way to sort it out then?
self- massage, sports-massge, stretches (see the stretches section on the information page of my website.  Also learn from your mistakes – look at pillows, try to minimise the weight that you are carrying around fro day to day.  Swimming is nice but if you are swimming breast-stroke swim with your head IN the water instead of out of the water.  make stretching a part of your habitual daily routine and you will feel the benefits!

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