About Me

I am passionate about the study and practice of massage in its various forms.  As a musician myself massage has helped me recover from repetitive strain injury and back problems that so many musicians suffer from.  So in my  ‘massage for musicians’ page I can write about the treatment of some of the problems faced by musicians with quite some personal experience !

I have been practicing massage now professionally for almost 20 years.  I first became professionally qualified in acupressure and Swedish massage and anatomy in 1995. I enjoyed expanding upon this knowledge when I visited Thailand.  Here I took a course in Thai massage in WatPo , Bangkok.   Following this I enjoyed taking up study once more, passed my ITEC level 3 sports massage course, which I further expanded upon when I took the BTEC 5 course in sports and remedial massage.I have enjoyed adding to this experience through further study and qualifying with a certificate  in manual Lymphatic Drainage.

I have enjoyed working as a therapist working at many competitive professional and amateur running, cycling, and swimming events.


Stretching is an important part of the rehabilitation process.  Either after exercise, or as a part of rehabilitation.  In order to rebalance muscle groups correctly stretching is an important part of your daily routine, whether you are doing sports, or if you are working behind a computer and your neck and shoulders are feeling tight and knotted up as a result.

Hamstring stretch

Glute stretch

Neck and shoulder stretch

Stretches to help relieve an aching lower back