Runner’s Knee

With the London Marathon coming up, more and more people are coming for treatment with  ‘Runner’s knee’.  Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is a condition where the kneecap or patella moves onto the thighbone .  Symptons may include pain and tenderness around the patella.Causes may be weak quadraceps and tight hamstrings  or may be biomechanical issues.

To prevent Runner’s Knee, run on softer surfaces and be cautious not to do mileage increase.  By slowly adding more hillwork you will strengthen your Quadriceps.  Be vigilant with stretching routines  for hamstrings and calves.  Strengthening exercises for Quadriceps will help to improve patella tracking.  Finding the right sports shoe can make all the difference to Runner’s Knee so it is advisable to visit a local running shop for advice about the right shoe to wear.  If this doesn’t help the Runner’s Knee then a visit to a local podiatrist to get some appropriate orthotics should help further.

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