Massage for musicians

kmt06A musicians practice and performance schedules can often lead to problems with muscles, ligaments and tendons and nerves. Overuse and overloading of specific muscles means that some muscles inevitably become ineffective and weakened.  To add to that, lugging about equipment and instruments can often add to injuries, aches and pains.  This will often detract from a performance – due to excess tension, fatigue, overuse, pain, or swelling.  So it is important to avoid injury and imbalance in muscle groups in order to have the greatest chances of an effective and smooth performance without physical difficulties.

I address a musicians injuries from several different directions – including measures to assess, treat, and also to prevent future injury for the musician.

Assessment – an initial assessment of each individual will assess the client for injury , taking into consideration each individuals medical history and the Strains of the specific instrument played by the musician.

Hands on treatment – treatment of soft tissue problems will consist of appropriate  specialized soft tissue technique.

Stretches – a stretching programme will allow.

strengthening exercises will also help to rebalance muscle groups, restrengthening muscles which are weaker or may have become weakened.