sitting comfortably ?

Sitting comfortably?  Are you sitting at a desk reading this on a omputer ?  if so….
STOP ! Dont move !!  how is your back feeling?        Scan your body for a moment and become aware of where you are holding most tension in your body.                                                                                                                                         Are you sitting at the front of the chair leaning towards the screen with your shoulders hunched up  and forward ?

Are you feeling extra stress becuase of the pain you are holding in your body ?   Apparantly most of us spend 5 or 6 hours sitting down everyday at least – whether its behind a computer, sitting behind the steering wheel or watching telly…….habitual bad posture can cause some shocking complaints and its well worth looking after your posture to avoid some of these.        According to “The All Spine Centre’ , ‘leaning forward 30 degrees in an attempt to get closer to the computer screen puts 3 to 4 times more strain on the back, causing advanced wear and tear on the joint surfaces, the ligaments of the spine, and the discs located between the vertebrae’

The back muscles are also negatively affected as the continuous added strain causes them to tighten up, reducing optimal blood and nutrient flow to the back muscles.

SoOver time this posture leads to the development of tight, rigid muscles and joints, which makes them more prone to injury.

Here are a few ways to avoid poor posture

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